Design Your Dream Life’s Transformational Workshop

Dublin, Ireland, 12 November 2011
Grand Canal Hotel, Dublin 4
Price: EUR 65

“Some people drift through their entire life. They do it one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time. It happens so gradually they are unaware of how their lives are slipping away until it’s too late.”
Mary Kay Ash

“Life is not lost by dying; life is lost minute by minute, day by dragging day, in all the thousand small uncaring ways.”
Stephen Vincent Benét

I am Bertrand Dory, and my mission in Life is

  • To help you grow
  • To help you simplify your life
  • To support you on your journey of a fulfilling life

And I am inviting you to join me on this empowering and life transforming Workshop in Dublin on the 12 November 2011.

Places are limited, as I want this to be an intimate group!

In this interactive and engaging workshop, you will learn:

  • How to get clarity in your life
  • How to create harmony with all the areas of your life
  • How to regain your full presence
  • How to set-up your path to transform potential to capacity
  • What is holding you back, and how to remove these barriers
  • How to get more of what you and less of what you do not want in your life
  • How to positively impact people around you!

NOW is the perfect time for you to become you! So come and join us!

All your desires and dreams are so close! And only YOU are between YOU and them!

Register now, place are limited!



  • You will receive a 50 pages workbook
  • You will receive 1 month free for my mastermind group
  • Coffee is available
  • Free secure car Park

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  • “Just Allow it!” (USA)
    This book is a collection of interviews that Bertrand Dory has done on his radio show over the last couple of years. Bertrand asks penetrating questions and you can tell that he is someone who takes his own conscious growth seriously. Get it.Read it. Soak it up.

    GP Walsh

    “Just Allow it!” (USA)
    “Member of Evolutionary Business Council (UK)
    I was delighted to read Bertrands book – each person interviewed surprised me with nuggets of wisdom which I can, and am, easily applying in my life. And more so, there are things I now want to explore which hadn’t inspired me before. A great book to savour, and as you can dip in and out of the interviews, it will have a long life on your book shelf!

    Francesca Cassini

    “Member of Evolutionary Business Council (UK)
    “ Author of the “10 second Philosophy”   (UK)
    Bertrand. Meeting with was and is a blessing. You make the path easier for others. I thank you sharing and for creating and holding that space. You are an exceptional spirit. God bless you and all that you do.

    Derek Mills

    “ Author of the “10 second Philosophy” (UK)
     author of “Promised”, “Circles of Light” and “The Land Beyond the River” (Ireland)
    Not only is Bertrand Dory insightful, switched on and in touch with the real needs of his audience, he is a true gentleman and a pillar of the positive thinking generation. His words will inspire and offer the tools to perpetuate forward momentum to anyone who reads them. This is the real definition of self-help.

    Mary Helen Hensley

    author of “Promised”, “Circles of Light” and “The Land Beyond the River” (Ireland)
    author of “Beyond Intent” and “It Was YOU, All Along” (USA)
    Bertrand helps many people re-ignite their life and passion. Whether you are feeling stuck, looking for more in life, financially struggling, scared of life, fear-ful of taking the next actions, unfulfilled in relation-ships or simply feeling that your life is tasteless, this book is for you! Immerse yourself in the wisdom of amazing teachers and nourish your Soul. Bertrand and I have worked together for a while and we are both are such strong believers in helping people get un-stuck. This book will reignite your desire to succeed and inspire faith in yourself.

    Gary Spinell

    author of “Beyond Intent” and “It Was YOU, All Along” (USA)
    His message is so powerful, so full of Love and so interesting to help people, while being defeated by a job loss, a divorce and many of life’s , for 2 years he has lifted the masses with his words and wisdom. “Conversations for your Soul” reminds me of the transforming ideas that were originally in the movie The Secret, and is taking these concepts to a whole new level.


    Author of  “Angelique Magnifisique” (UK)
    Bertrand Dory’s powerful book is guaranteed to awaken your Soul and shine a light onto your own life’s journey. It is a book of self discovery and passion. A life changing masterpiece for anyone feeling stuck or blocked in their life wishing to feel inspired and open to new positive ways of creating the life of their Dreams. “Conversations for your Soul” is a compelling read! Bertrand is authentic and open in his interviews which are all so full of love, inspiration and vision.

    Darryl Anne Mooney

    Author of “Angelique Magnifisique” (UK)
    Bertrand Dory’s powerful book is guaranteed to awaken your Soul and shine a light onto your own life’s journey. A beautifully written book that delves into our inner selves in a way that is gentle and loving. This book is filled with genuine insights from spiritual leaders across the world that will uplift and I believe bring you ‘home’ again. A truly insightful read for anyone who needs some positive direction right now!

    Rachael Taylor (UK)

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    I have a dream: to help you having a more fulfilling life! YES! A life filled with more joy, passion, "mojo" and happiness! The one you deserve and thrive for! I have used the Law of Attraction and Personal Development for years, and I understand the dynamics of how powerful we are, and also how this power can be stopped with our inner beliefs, limitations and the power of guilt, shame and lack of self-worth tied in our old stories... I am an International Radio host, and I interviewed amazing teachers, a best-selling author, an amazing inspirational speaker and a life coach (and also a great dad) Feel free to contact me:
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